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The first book, Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry, allows the novice crafter to create stunning chain and bead jewelry using simple hand tools; no hot torch or power tools needed! From the classic Double, Inca Puno, and Byzantine chain patterns to original gemstone bead embellished jewelry designs; this book provides everything you need to know to create beautiful beaded chain jewelry from start to finish.

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a quick preview of many chain designs illustrated in this informative book, scroll down to read book reviews, and then click-through a Byzantine chain tutorial.

Byzantine Chain Tutorial

1st Book Customer Reviews

"Reading Scott David Plumlee's book is like visiting with a friend who invites you along on his creative journey. Plumlee chose chain making as a portable artistic outlet during his five-year, 32-country, four-continent trip around the world."
-Jill Erickson (Associate Editor)

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The fact that I actually BOUGHT your book tells you how impressed I was with it. I've never taken a class on either beading or making chainmaille. Everything I've learned until now, I learned from the internet, or by trial and error. All the information is out there free for the taking, so why would I spend my money on books if I can spend it on beads and rings? THAT'S how much I liked your book! – Eleni M.

Last night I purchased your book, Handcrafting Chain and Bean Jewelry, and poured over it into the wee hours. This morning I picked up all the supplies needed and couldn't wait until I got off work so I could tackle my very first copper Byzantine chain. Your instructions are very thorough and easily understandable. I kept referring to them as needed. – Erin N.

First of all your jewelry and craftsmanship is amazing…I am just getting starting making the chain jewelry,and I am hooked!!! Just bought your book and its really easy to follow (thanks J). I live in Southern Calif.and would like to know if you are ever going do a workshop in the area. PLEEEEEEZE!Well, thanks for all your info and sharing your talent, take care. Julia D.

I just purchased your book, “Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry.” I love it! I purchased some jump rings from Fire Mountain.They are 18 ga. with a 5.5mm diameter. I purchased them for several of your projects in the above mentioned book. After receiving them, they look really small in diameter to me. Would 18 ga. 5.5mm be the correct size for your projects that require 18 ga. Byzantine jump rings? - Patti B.

Scott, I purchased a copy of your book yesterday at Barnes & Noble. Congratulations, it is just great. I hope to make some of the chain combos very soon. Thanks for a great book. - Linda

Hello Scott, Please excuse the intrusion. I wanted to thank you for creating your book. I lost all interest in Byzantine until I found your book. I was wondering if you have any suggested ring sizes for the starfish and the Celtic design. I am using 18 gauge 5/32" rings, but the starfish is rather loose. Thank you again, Dianna

Scott, Great work I took a class from you years ago and to see where you are going and what new things you have come up with is amazing. I just ordered the book I hope it is a signed copy that is what it stated! Well keep up the great work and hope to see more new things from you in the near future. I still have the original kit I got from you several years back, with the colored sticks -Too funny. Best of luck to you and glad to see you are still moving forward.- Wendy

Your book arrived yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home from work. I'm pleased as a little kid with a new toy. The book is lovely. I've already been making smaller beads to incorporate in a chain design. This is going to be great. I also have some beautiful semi-precious stone beads. My favorites are amethyst, rose quarts, lapis lazuli and moon stone. I'm going camping this weekend. Its likely going to rain and I will be playing with the camp fire and some beads and chain!!!You're an accomplished artist. I sincerely thank you for the book. -- Pamela

I have to tell you that I made my first Byzantine bracelet last night thanks to your book. Your instructions finally unlocked the mystery of this chain for me. Thank you very much! Thanks again, off to the store to get some wire! - Robin A.

Copyright © 1999-2008 Scott David Plumlee, published by Watson-Guptill Publications, all rights reserved