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Student Toolkits

Although, I do not sell the toolkit as shown, I do sell a hand tool that I helped invent for the second book; the Mandrel-tip Pliers.

As an educator, I am of the opinion that quality hand tools help to decrease frustration and increase the qualtiy of my students finished jewelry. To this end, I have recently assembled ten toolkits that feature Swanstrom pliers; which are hands down the best pliers available. I do not sell the toolkit shown, but you can get these pliers exclusively from Rio Grande, (800)545.6566.

Each tool kits includes:
two short flat-nose pliers (111-210),
one chain-nose pliers (111-152),
one round-nose pliers (111-150),
one super-flush side-cutters (111-717),
one flat needle file (114-729),
one round needle file (114-738),
3M superfine sanding pad (337-321),
Beadalon beading wire (681-116),
sterling crimp beads (693-231),
fabric measure tape is from kniting store,
vials are from SKS (518) 880.6980, item#0043-98,
case by Jensen (800)225.5370, item#216-004VK.

Three-Prong Chuck

A three-prong chuck (left) fits into a cordless screwdriver (right) to wrap wire around a given mandrel size, as seen on page 16 of my first book. I have recently found a new supply source at:

Click on the link or call them at (877) 636.0608


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