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Workshop Scheduling FAQ

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please read through the following statement and then email me to discuss the finer points and tentative calendar dates. Please note that the following logistical items are merely suggestions and that I am open to any possibilities. Since I started teaching chain workshops in 99, I have lead over 109 workshops at a wide variety of public and private institution nationwide; ranging from a sweet sixteen birthday party to a PBS special.

I am currently offering a variety of beaded chain workshops, ranging from three-hour earrings or pendants to six-hour bracelets. This flexibility allows more scheduling options to the educational institution and their students who simply don’t have all day (9 to 5) to spend in a workshop. Offering several 3-hour workshops allows that I could lead two different workshops in one day with a lunch break between. I have found that workshops for a smaller project in a shorter time span with a decreased tuition is attractive to a wider audience of crafters.

Private Tutorial:
On the rare occasion that someone wants or needs one-on-one tutorial, I may be available to schedule for $35/hour plus my travel and lodging expenses, however, I only teach information and designs out of my first three books.

Teaching Tuition:
Almost every fine art institution that I have taught at has their own way of figuring the student cost and instructor's pay, however in an ideal world I would structure the pay scale as follows. The total amount the student pays for a workshop is a combination of the teaching tuition and supply kit. The teaching tuition is typically $15-20 an hour per student and split 50/50 by the instructor and the institution.

I allow a maximum number of ten students per workshop, and can bring ten toolkits that contain all the hand-tools needed, unless you would rather I utilize the in-house qualtiy handtools. My tool kits exclusively contain Swanstrom brand pliers because they are the best and I want my students to be able to take them for a test-drive and feel the difference that quality pliers can make. However, students are free to bring their own flat-nose and/ or chain-nose pliers if they choose. As well, to help reduce eyestrain students may also wish to bring their own freestanding light source (with extension cord) and head-mounted magnification system.

I will provide digital images without watermarks for the institution's promotion; please specify either 300dpi 6x8" CYMK for paper printing or 72dpi 4x5" RGB for web site utilization. If there is a secure (locking glass-case) display space available, I can provide sample jewelry pieces for an in-store display. I will place the institution's logo and workshop dates on my web site with a link to the institution's URL. I fully expect that the educational institution will conduct their own advertisement for the workshops through their own devices, such as web sites, course catalogues, local newspapers, regional arts calendars and postcards. Please note that I do not share my email or mailing addresses, but I may include your announcement in my quarterly e-newsletter, or I may send you printed mailing labels to send out your catalogue that I am listed in at your postal expense.

Supply Kits:
I reserve right to be the supplier for the beaded chain projects that I teach. Institutions may choose to include this amount in the total cost and reimburse me in full within 30 days, or I can charge each student separately in class. I will assemble enough supply kits for the maximum number of students containing percussion cut and tumbled sterling silver components and quality gemstone beads. For beaded projects that I teach at bead shops, by request, I will created supply kits without beads at a lower cost and let the students choose their beads from the stores selection.

Book Sales:
For most workshops offered I will be teaching directly from my book, thus each student will need a copy. I would offer the institution first choice to sell my book to their students and retail my book year round in their store. If not, I will bring copies to sell to my students without compensation. Please note that I do not, and by contract cannot, sell my book at a wholesale price to the teaching institution, you may contact Melissa Berger (646) 654-5461 at Watson-Guptill in NYC for purchasing wholesale books.

In-house Sales:
I reserve the right to sell supply kits and finished jewelry to my students without compensation, unless otherwise stated by signed contract.

Two-Week Clarification:
Two weeks or ten business days prior to the workshop date, contact between the teaching institution and Mr. Plumlee by phone or email must be established to clarify the number of students that have been signed up and monies collected (preferably with a two-week non-refundable clause). If the minimum number of students has not been obtained then both parties must mutually agree to cancel the class and refund the signed-up students.

By Contract:
Finally, whatever parameters we agree to for a workshop, this agreement will be put in writing and signed by both parties, feel free to use your own letterhead contract or I can type up a contract and mail out duplicates.

Hoping this page helps answer your questions, Scott David Plumlee

Copyright © 2007 Scott David Plumlee, all rights reserved