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Woven-8 Earrings : 1-hour wire intro workshop

In this earring making workshop we will be exploring the elements that combine to make a wearable two-piece earring. I will demonstrate how to use a small propane torch to ball the end of the earring back wire and to solder the figure 8 forms. We will then utilize fine 24-gauge wire to set and trap a singular bead into each circle of each figure 8. The 19-gauge earring back wire is then hand bent into a sheppard’s hook and finished by giving special attention to bevel and sand smooth the backing’s tip. This is a good opportunity to do something fun together with a partner or a young teen! No experience necessary, Ages 12 and up.

Required Supply Kit : $10 per pair

19-gauge argentuim sterling wire
24-gauge argentuim sterling wire
4 x 2-mm beads


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